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The obverse of the coin depicts the ARF emblem which features a sword, shovel, quill pen and an arm holding a banner.The reverse shows the Sardarapat memorial bell tower and Mount Ararat.The party became established in the Armenian Diaspora with affiliates in more than 20 nations.

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This six coin set of the current circulating coins of Armenia includes the 2003 dated 20, 50, 100, 200 and bi-metallic 500 Drams and the 2004 10 Dram which was released a year later.

Because of inflation, the new higher denomination coins were needed to replace the previous 1994 set, whose value had shrunk to virtually nothing. One side of the coins shows the denomination while the other bears the nations arms.

The front of the note features a green-gold kinegram of the reliquary that is said to contain a fragment of Noah’s Ark. To the left is a shifting color image of a dove carrying an olive branch. Ararat, various animals and Noah and family leaving the Ark.

In the center is the Etchmiadzin Cathedral where the reliquary is kept, and Mt. The 140 x 76mm note is printed on a hybrid material made from a cotton paper substrate covered by a polyester layer on both sides.

The 20 Qapik shows a spiral staircase, the 10 Qapik shows a medieval helmet. the 3 Qapik a quill pen and ancient texts, the 1 Qapik features traditional musical instruments. Though Belarus declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, it did not release its first coins into circulation until July 1, 2016, some 25 years later!

Prior to that time it used paper money in commerce and the only coins were commemoratives that were sold to collectors.

It was manufactured in Germany by Giesecke & Devrient, Gmb H and comes in a descriptive folder written in both Armenian and English.

In 2006 Azerbaijan revalued their currency on a 5000 to 1 basis.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Armenia again emerged as an independent nation after centuries of foreign domination.

In 1994 it issued its first coins as an independent nation in over 500 years!

At the time Armenia was still under Soviet control and the ARF was in many ways serving as a government in exile to the Armenian community. The left-leaning political party advocated a unified, independent Armenia and was instrumental in the creation of the short-lived first Armenian Republic in 1918.