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After that day I often walk around with him on my back.Sometimes I tie his legs around my body so I can run with him on my back.Acyually he has told that wen ever we hav sex in nyt, i will carry him to bed and rest of the tym he will carry me.

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I totally dominated the matches and I wasn't surprised, I have always thought I was stronger than him.I have carried him many times and in may ways after that. I love piggyback rides and would love to know how he climbs on your back for the ride. Pls give details Lucy..piggyback rider After the night I carried my husband home I have lifted him in several ways.He said that I was too heavy and I just said he was too weak.We then armwrestled for the first time in our 10 years of marriage.I simply could not lift over my head what she easily lifted over her head!!!

She can easily lift me up into the air but I can't even lift her off the ground.

I carried him around the house for some time and then told him to carry me.

He could get my up in his arms but had to put me down rather soon.

In the last month or so someone has gotten on this web site and show us all how mentally disturbed a male can be. I for one have to much respect for the ladies to vote in this kind of B. Anonymous I have extremely wide and long penis and during having sex with my girlfriend i found out if i have realy strong erection,i can uplift all bodyweight of my girlfriend on my was amazing for her to find out,since than,she always wants me to carry her on my rod.i cant uplift her for very long period of time,only about 1 do this that way,im on my knees,my rod deep inside her facing me,without her holding me in any ways-no hands,no legs squeezing wraped arround me,just only her ankles locked behind my back to keep her balance strait,than i go up in kneeling or im able to even stand up like this with her on my weights only 55kg,i weight 120kg and im very tall and muscular. I got A HUGE ERECTION after I was outlifted in weightlifting (in the clean-and-jerk) by a 4'11" short fat girl who weighs over fifty pounds more than I do.

S thinks the female are designed a be a pack mule, he seem to get a kick out of riding them, around or for some s.h.i.t.t.y a.s.s.h.o.l.e male, to punch around and use as cheap work out equipment. A pervert as he is should be lock up for LIFE..knows maybe he is? Anonymousim capable to triple piggyback,what means im able to carry my husband,my son and daughter together on my back for a very long 43years,my husband 45y,son 24y,daughter 23y old.husband weights 95kg,son 87kg,daughter 75bodyweight is 80most of my muscle mass is in my legs especially husband was only able to carry me and my daughter,but even that for only 1/5th of the distance im able to carry them all three.i have naturaly powerfull legs,never work out,since i was litlle girl i had always extraordinary muscular legs.abbyin my family all girls have much more muscular legs than us-guys,so they can lift in real life more heavy stuff than lift realy heavy weight-one must have strong legs,as stronger legs you have,as more you can lift and more about legs strenght than arms.

We both like it and it has become some kind of forplay for us, sometimes followed by wrestling that I always win. We have a summer house in an island where you have to carry everything you need, groceries etc. When we move out for the summer it is a lot of carrying and my husband complained about the hard work. I told him to jump up on my back and carried him and two bags of groceries up the hill.