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And if they don’t, they will definitely look you up if your music has intrigued them.You want to make sure that the impression you leave is as good as can be.

Before you do anything, we have to sort out the basics.

These are the things that have to be right before you even attempt getting in touch with a record label.

To increase your odds of getting signed, you have to understand what labels do, want and experience. They have operating costs (for distribution, marketing, design etc) and need to generate revenue to cover those costs. They generate this revenue by selling music, collecting mechanical royalties (cash they get when people play, buy and stream their tracks), and sometimes through selling merchandise and hosting events.

Because when you do, you can cater their needs way better. Whether focused on mainstream or underground, they have to make ends meet.

Ideally, you want to find a designer who can specifically cater to your needs and with whom you can develop a long-term working relationship. Alternatively, there are a few ways you can get good designs for a reasonable price; you either find a designer whose willing to work with you for free or cheap, or use design competition websites.

For the prior, you can browse EDM producer forums as they often have categories where beginning designers are enthusiastically giving away free designs to practice their trade. Then there are design competition websites – these are sites where you can post a job offering, for example for a logo design, offer a set price, and a bunch of designers in the website’s community will pitch designs to best match your requirements.Here’s the minimum of things that you should have sorted out: Socials Set up accounts under your artist alias on at least Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Sound Cloud. All your profiles should have links to your profiles on other platforms, your website, and contact email.Make your specific URLs the same for each platform… If you have a manager you can replace your email with theirs, and if you also have agents you’ll want to include their information as well. If your band name is The Best Band Ever, try going for do that by going to Go Daddy and executing a domain search. Go to Fat Wallet or Retail Me Not and find a code that offers an 80% discount on domains. you can build one yourself or run with Word Press or Tumblr if you’re not that Booya, you’ve just scored yourself a domain. you can build one yourself or run with Word Press or Tumblr if you’re not that tech-savvy.Then use this code during the checkout process at Go Daddy. Branding You also have to have an established brand that’s visually pleasing as well.You can also throw in a branding marker unique to yourself next to these links to keep your Sound Cloud looking interesting. You can get domains for as little as , but with a little trick I’m about to teach you, you could score one for less than a year.