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Starting during orientation and throughout the fall semester, we offer a Professional Development Course (IEOR E4579) which includes lectures and workshops to develop your resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, networking skills, Linked In profiles, and give you various resources to begin your career preparation.

All students wishing to take advantage of IEOR’s career services must take this course.

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The world is your oyster, and the career team is here to help prepare you with the tools to pry it open and see what’s in store!

Your career journey with IEOR starts before you even arrive.

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Interested in healthcare but not sure you want to work in a hospital?

Take the Healthcare Operations course to see if it’s a good fit.

During any given week, you have access to the following: While it’s not required for OR and IE students to choose a concentration, doing so can help you make smart course choices based on a particular area of interest.

OR students can choose from one of our 6 concentrations: Or one of two IE concentrations: Systems Engineering, and Regulated Industries.

While half of our job consists of working with students, the other half of our job involves working directly with employers.

We have an employer database of hundreds of industry contacts, many of whom are alumni, to help you with your internship or job placement.

Produktspektrum: Industrie-PCs, I/O- und Feldbuskomponenten, Antriebstechnik und Automatisierungssoftware.