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Marriages that see longer deployments are also more likely to divorce, probably because the increased time apart eventually just becomes too much of a hardship.

Finally, deployments where members see combat or weapon usage are also known to be associated with increased risk of divorce.

The issuance of service numbers was based simply by date of commission within the Navy; by 1929, the Navy saw the need to extend this range again to 125,000.

The first service number of file was #532 which was issued to Samuel R.Colhoun who was a Captain in the Navy Supply Corps with service in both the Spanish–American War and the Civil War. Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that military marriages have shockingly high divorce rates, or that “only the strongest survive.” What’s the real truth of the matter?Are military marriages on a collision course with divorce court?Many civilians, especially those with little education, aren’t so lucky when it comes to their job situation.

The military also does provide quite a bit of support to families and couples, something many in civilian life don’t have access to.The Navy continued to issue further service numbers to other officers based on seniority within the Navy.In 1922, the Navy extended the service number range of officers to 10,000 and by 1925 had extended the range again to 100,000.In fact, some studies show that the divorce rate for couples with a military woman are twice those of couples with a military man.However, this number seems to be getting better, for reasons no one quite understands.The first Navy service numbers, which ranged from 1 to 500, were designated for retroactive presentation to retired naval officers who had served in the First World War and prior.