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If you're reading this because you have an actual sex addiction, I would definitely NOT recommend Haeundae, so read on. Google Map Coordinates: 35.2071, 129.07071 Sports Massage / All those sports massage signs are fronts for what was formerly known as anmabangs.

Plentiful in Seomyeon, Sasang, Suyeong, and Jagalchi.

Turn right on the street before the main one along the beach.

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Take your pick between syphilitic Russian grannies or used-up Pinay cunt.

You stand a higher chance of contracting a disease with these women than emptying an entire frat of brocum into your ass. (I refuse to provide directions- I will not be a part of this.) Deokcheon/Gupo Already mentioned, but here's what I've seen.

Anyway, you will have a good idea of what to expect right when you walk in, and that is rejection.

But if they do accept foreign AIDS (That was a play on words), have a wonderful time!

I hope this information will come in handy for someone Before I continue, two important things: I neither condone nor condemn prostitution. Keep going down Gudeok road and turn left at the traffic light.

Without further adieu, here is what I know about the P4P scene in Busan: Green Street This is the biggest RLD in Busan. After about a block on Cheonma road, turn right, go all the way down and turn left. It is a glowing pink terrace, looks like a Sonic level or something.

Make a right, past the first left, past the big parking lot, and make the second right.

In this side street, make the first right after the small parking lot. This is by no means the only P4P location in Haeundae, just the highest quality one.

The whores will all be on the right side, smiling at you if you're drunk, grimacing at you if you're white, or ignoring you if you're black. The girls might be filthy, but they are definitely gorgeous.

Google Coordinates are 35.16 , 129.157 Short Time Service is about 100k, bareback service is offered but like I said, your chances as a foreigner of getting even a belly rub are low. You can try your luck at the many double-barber pole places around the area. Older women, better service, no rush, shower/toothbrush included.

There's no RLD here, just dozens of back alley gay establishments. You don't want to end up sterile because you had asymptomatic chlamydia.