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Holy Cross Cathedral in Nordhausen is a beautiful church located on a hill of the old town and it is one of the major buildings in town.

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There are also four old bells dating back to the 15th century.

The cathedral is built in the Romanesque Gothic style of architecture.

GOSLAR was reached in time for lunch; entering the town we were at once attracted by the huge Paulsthurm, a survivor of the hundred and eighty-two towers of the ancient fortifications.

It contained a restaurant and coffee garden where we should have liked to stop; but a hotel almost opposite provided better accommodation for an automobile and afforded a more agreeable view.

The town is first mentioned in a 13 MAy 927 document of King Henry the Fowler, but an earlier settlement on the site dates back to around 650 to 700.

On April 3 1934 three quarters of Nordhausen was destroyed by bombing raids of the Royal Air Force.He set up an anti-pope (Clement III), killed Rudolph in battle and carried the war into Italy, taking Rome and besieging Gregory in the castle of St. Gregory, who escaped only with the aid of a duke whom he had also once excommunicated, died next year.Henry was crowned by Clement III, and the princes, tiring of war, acquiesced. But this was not the end ; Henry’s own sons rebelled against him; he was taken prisoner, again excommunicated by a new pope, and forced to sign his abdication at Ingelheim.I fear this was almost a whole page of dry facts, but they show the age of Goslar and of its line of emperors, which was dying out when England’s Norman house was coming in.The traveler, you know, finds little in England antedating the Normans save stone-circles, mounds, and Roman roads.He quarreled with the pope and was promptly excommunicated ; whereupon, deserted by his princes and suspended from office by the Diet, he yielded and, with wife and child, crossed the Alps in midwinter to do penance at the feet of Hildebrand (Gregory VII), who is said to have kept Henry waiting barefoot and bareheaded in the snow, for three days.