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You will pay maybe 500n for the massage and then have to tip 1000n to 2000n for your happy ending in Lagos.

You might get robbed or die, but you might also have the time of your life.

We will cover the hookers first and then move on to non pro girls and the best African dating site.

Not only will there be lots of sexy ladies out but there will be many pimps as well trying to steer you to their prostitutes.

It is relatively safe to go here, but if something feels off maybe you should move on.

But you will have to give the sexy nude dancer a tip for sex on top of the 6k.

They will be more expensive than the brothels of course, but you should find some hotter girls at them.If you get the feeling that one of these is a brothel then it probably is.If there are girls sitting out front calling out to customers there is a good chance this is an erotic sexy massage parlor.Of course you don’t want to be flaunting your wealth here (or anywhere in Africa) and making yourself a target.Go there, do the deed quickly, and get back to safer areas.There are many ways to meet girls for sex in Lagos, you can head to the Ipodo red light district or pick up hookers on the street quite easily. Or you can just go out in the bustling nightlife where you can easily pick up girls and possibly hook up for free.