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Don’t feel obliged to give anything as though it’s a test of your feelings.

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Relationships are made up of shared memories and a gift which reminds your date of those is sure to be well received.

To avoid putting too much emphasis on the other person you could choose a gift which is for you both.

You’ve probably had some memorable dates, and a gift which symbolises one of those dates can be really special.

It could be an in-joke, a poignant reminder of the first time you kissed or a reservation to go back to the restaurant where you first met.

Whether you make the best fiery gingerbread, are a Picasso with a paintbrush or love to pen verse – giving a new date something you’ve made yourself is a warm and heartfelt gesture.

It shows them you’re creative, thoughtful and generous and that you’ve put time and attention into their gift.DON’T: Get him something completely cliché like a tie if he wears jeans and tees to work, a baseball book if he hates sports, a universal remote for his TV, any sort of grilling apparatus, a box of golf balls, a power drill, a huge bag of “masculine” grooming essentials, or a subscription to the beer of the month club if you’ve never seen him drink beer.DO: Make him a cool winter Spotify playlist with songs you’re digging right now, and an i Tunes gift card.Knowing your beloved will think of you whenever they listen to your collection is a really good feeling and if it hits all the bases in terms of romance, thoughtfulness, happiness and sharing then it’s a gift that will always be treasured.Giving is only really a kind act if it’s done freely and from the heart with no expectation of return.Many shows sell out quickly so it’s worth looking ahead and seeing what’s coming up in your area.