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The slate includes Noffsinger, Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works, The University of Northern Colorado Bluegrass Faculty and performance artist Armando Silva.

A couple years ago, right before his 40th birthday, Paul Noffsinger told his wife he was going to quit his desk job, become a professional magician and work in a brewery.

She accepted it, Noffsinger said, so he quit and started The Mystery Collection and became one of the owners of Wiley Roots Brewing Company."It was more crazy than brave," he said.

Lean On Pete, and p.m., The Lyric, 1209 College Ave., Details: Disobedience, a.m., and p.m., The Lyric, 1209 College Ave., Details:

RBG, a.m., , 4, and p.m., The Lyric, 1209 College Ave., Details:

Kara will next appear in the new series of Mr Selfridge on ITV.

“I finished filming for the show last week,” she tells me. I play the eldest daughter of Harry Selfridge, her name is Rosalie.

Even in the early days, the couple had found it difficult to find much time to be together, and, as Kara had pointed out to me, Artem’s visa meant that he could not stay permanently in the country.

Work would now, however, appear to be offering some consolation.

Now the Greeley native said he's excited to be included in the upcoming Union Colony Civic Center Variety Night with other local talent on June 7.

A local performer will take to the stage every 15 minutes.

Shortly after finding the box, he found The Great Lewdini, a magician in Fort Collins, to be his mentor and friend."I owe a great deal of the success of my show to him," he said.