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Right to Work: Wyoming is a right to work and at will employment state. The Wyoming Unemployment Handbook provides more details on each of the requirements and how to file.(e) Upon entry of a decree of emancipation, the court shall file the decree with the county clerk of the county in which the child resides. (f) A declaration of emancipation shall be conclusive evidence that the minor is emancipated, but emancipation may also be proved by other evidence like any other fact. (a) Any interested third party having dealings with an apparently emancipated minor may apply to the district court where that minor is domiciled or may be found for a declaration of emancipation. (c) Proceedings under this section shall be conducted in conformity with the requirements of W. (a) Upon application of an emancipated minor, the department of transportation shall indicate the minor’s emancipated status on his Wyoming driver’s license or if without a driver’s license, on the minor’s Wyoming identification card issued under W. The department of transportation shall deposit the fees in the manner prescribed by law for driver’s license and identification card fees and submit receipt and acknowledgement to the state treasurer.(b) The application under this section shall be made in conformity with W. §14-1-206: Emancipated minor subject to adult criminal jurisdiction. Unemployment: Unemployment insurance is a program that pays temporary benefits to workers who lose their job due to NO FAULT of their own.You can file an emergency unemployment compensation claim online or by telephone ((307) 473-3789).Right to work state means that no person is required to become or remain a member with any labor organization in order to get or keep a job. Documents/UI/claimant_If you want to file an unemployment insurance claim, you can do it on the Internet There is also Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which can be received up to 20 weeks.