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In April his CBS sitcom The Odd Couple was cancelled after three seasons.And the actor learned the hard way about the cancellation 'My face on the Odd Couple stage door has been painted over with green paint,' he shared on Twitter on April 10.'I think it's safe to assume that we have been cancelled.

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She says she first met Perry in 2013 through a mutual friend.'He had asked one of my friends about me and wanted know if she could set us up,' she recalls.'I was like of course, he's super hot, why not.And I went over to his house and ended up having a very nice evening, he's a very normal, very cool guy.'I was really nervous because I'm a huge fan of his and I was taken back by how normal and chill he is, he's your average guy and we ended up really hitting it off.'We watched a movie in his screen room and ended up having sex.'Maddy says she didn't suspect Perry was taking drugs while at the star's Hollywood Hills home.I would really hate to see something bad happen to him.'Later in the text conversation Maddy asked Perry whether he was 'jonesing' - a slang term for craving something badly, usually associated with chemical dependency.She added provocatively: 'Maybe some of this p***y is what you really need.'Perry, 48, replied: 'Ha. But interested :).'Maddy countered: 'I'll make some calls but I'm a porn star not a drug dealer,' to which polite Perry said: 'I really was not trying to turn you into one. Really did not mean to offend.'Maddy says other than occasionally smoking marijuana she has never been into drugs and told Perry she would ask around out of politeness.'Once I told him I'm a porn star not a drug dealer, he was like, "I'm sorry if I offended you".All three are powerful and highly addictive opioid prescription painkillers.

In text messages seen by Daily Mail TV Maddy asked the desperate actor how much he would be willing to pay for the pills, to which he replied: 'It depends which one is available.

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When Maddy, 27, asked the actor what kind, he replied: 'Vicaden (sic)/Roxy's/oxys'.

The Friends star - who is an outspoken addiction recovery advocate after struggling with addictions to alcohol and several prescription drugs during his time on the famous sitcom - was referring to Vicodin, Roxicodone and Oxy Contin.

The adult film actress said Perry messaged her on Instagram and asked Maddy if she wanted to go for dinner and he gave her his number.