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This sector offers the possibility to work in many different areas (immigrants’ rights, LGBT issues, and homeless needs), gaining valuable experience while helping others.Most internships in Barcelona are unpaid and you will not be expected to work for more than 5 hours a day.

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Young people with new ideas are granted responsibility they wouldn’t have been given before.If you are looking for a place to work (and party) hard, Barcelona is for you!Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, one of the biggest (and richest) in Southern Europe.The array of internships available is wide and there are possibilities in every sector, from science related fields and technological innovation (the city has a neighborhood devoted only to these types of companies, District ) to social sciences and archeology (there are archeological sites in Barcelona dating from 5,000 BC).There is the possibility of looking for internships through online sites and forums, but if you have never been to Barcelona before and you are not fluent in Spanish it may be a good option to consider using an internship placement agency.

These agencies will help you through the visa process, which is always lengthy and challenging if you don’t know exactly how to deal with Spanish bureaucracy.

The cost of living in Barcelona is cheaper than in other important European cities such as Paris or Berlin, but take into consideration that it is one of the most expensive cities in Spain.

If you are frugal you should be able to live on a budget of around 900-1,200 euros (1,220-1,627 USD), especially if you find inexpensive housing.

The usual starting dates for internships are September/October both for semester and yearlong internships or January/February for semester long internships.

Plan on starting your search a few months before the starting date to make sure you get to choose exactly the type of internship you want, since the better considered internships fill up fast.

Whether you like working outside or would rather stay in the office, this is an industry to consider.