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When the local MILF and her fucking sexxxxy kids, walking her baby in a stroller and animal on a (really motherless? I can't say the more common word for the name of a pet, wtf is happening ML is loosing its edge/touch - they're gonna just be another tube if they keep this BULLSHIT up... Then later - the mom came back with her kids now at school, only with her animal on a stopped and looked over (probbaly hearing a high pitched moan) - and not only did the mom get a EYEFUL of my hard cock, dripping precum - jacking slowly while eyeing her like a pinup model - we caught eachothers eyes/faces while I was pumping my dick in my fist.She stopped - I kept going KNOWING I was certainly caught and just smile'd and kept eye'ing her up and down.I am in my mid 30's and she originally told me that she was 23.

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Things like slapping her, pushing her down on the ground, forcing her to suck on my cock.

The meaner I got, the worse I treated her, the more she got turned on.

If we did anything we should have a safety word in case I get to rough with her. She said yes to whatever I wanted to do to her, but she wanted to be forced to give a blow job.

She didn't want a safety word, she said she could handle whatever I gave to her. Then one night, she IM'd me and wanted me to come fuck her the next day for real. My first instict was fuck yea, but wasnt sure if she was serious or not. After chatting for a while it seemed like she was serious. She was really 16 and her Mom was taking her Grandma for a doctors appointment so she had a couple hours alone after school... im a pervertyesterday, I pulled into a truck stop to change into my work clothes.

the moans were perfect, and if my dad could please her like that then i know that horny little slut would love me.

I kept listening growing hard in my pants,, the moans would go soft and then soon start picking back up.Finally, an old lady with a dog took her dog to go pee... then she turned around and stood there while her dog searched for a place to pee.She had glasses on and was an old white grandma, kinda overweight.This girl had no limits and pushed me to limits I never dreamed of reaching.No matter how bad I would get, it just turned her on more.She didnt want any relationships, just good fucking sex.