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For over the next five years, the Government will lavish £5.8 bn in aid on projects abroad ranging from fighting flood damage in Third World nations, to disaster insurance plans for Pacific islands, and solar energy in Nigeria.By the year 2020, £1.76 bn will be spent annually on such projects from a total aid budget predicted to swell to an astonishing £16.3 bn a year.She has vowed to spend the festive period at home despite the deluge When ministers disclosed their plans recently to channel almost £6 bn into dubious climate change schemes in developing nations, they were applauded by charities that benefit from soaring budgets.

Yet for all this grandstanding abroad, more needs to be spent on British flood defences.

And as weary families in shattered communities in the North-West face months of hardship as they clear up the debris, surely they are entitled to ask if their taxes would not be better spent on river defences here.

CN p3 Courts get own bouncer CN p5 First district judge to sit at Carlisle Magistrates Court CN p3 Job axe; proposed changes; morale low CN p9 Cumbria Magistrates service gets first full time resident judge MAGNAY, R Swifts Row Joiner; funeral furnishers; Robert Magnay, cabinet maker, died ; Monumental Inscription [41/8] 1891 census; Robert Magnay, cabinet maker, aged 58, bn Carlisle, home Solway Tce; also living Solway Tce Percy, Herbert, Percy and Robert, cabinetmakers CD 1893 -94 Ad p172 CD 1902-03 Ad p224 CD 1905-06 Ad p136 CD 1907-08 Ad p129 CD 1920 Ad p44 CD 1924 Ad p76 CD 1927 Ad p80 1928 Carlisle Pageant Souvenir Brochure; ad established 1864 CD 1931 Ad p96 CD 1934 Ad p136 CN Obit of R. Magnay CD 1937 Ad p110 CD 1940 Ad p50 CN Obit of Percy Magnay, joiner and cabinetmaker CN Obit of Herbert Magnay, cabinet maker, last of 3 brothers MAGNET JOINERY SALES LTD CN p16 (illus) Carlisle depot CN p13 (illus) Showroom opened in Lancaster Street MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH CO Citadel Station CN p12 MAGPIE INN Victoria Road; opened to the designs of Harry Redfern and built by Laings CJ (2 photos) Inside not very like a public house Renaissance of the English Public House p71 layout plan of pub; photo opp p 76 Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme.

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The great British aid giveaway is, of course, utterly daft.

Yet still the Government ploughs on with these patronising and wasteful policies, identifying the fight against climate change — and related issues such as flooding — as a key target in a review published last month.Presumably that’s why Britain handed £1.89 bn to the Climate Investment Funds, an international initiative which aims to transform lives in developing countries through development of low-carbon industries.This gift is ten times as much as was given by France and £500m more even than the United States.See Northern History Vol XX, 1984] MAIN GUARD Market Place; built 1649; Guardhouse turned into Fish Market ; demolished 1855 Jefferson, S History...Carlisle, 1838, p282 Description; date of 1645 under arms 1835 Nutters painting depicts the Main Guard [175 Years of Carlisle front cover] Topping, G and Potter, J. Memorials of old Carlisle p28 CP p5 Demolition begin at Martinmas; News Room to move CJ p2 CN p9 Dating and demolition; Denis Perriam MAINS COTTON FACTORY London Rd; Established 1799 CPacquet Floods carry away part of weir beloning to Rothwell and Co 1811 Jollie p81 cotton mill called Mains Rothwell and Co CP p3c Rothwell and Co, Cotton Manufactory, the Mains 1829 Directory Rothwell and Co Mains 1835 drawing by J.Cumbria, for instance, expects to spend £100 m repairing its roads alone.