Steam error game validating

this will verify your game file is intact, and then attempt to download any files that need replacing.

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(unless your harddrive is failing) -edit2-: are these files compressed by Windows, if so, that might be it?

steam error game validating-54

Time by time Steam validating game files automatically; without a permission.It messes up everything; make you wait or worse, redownload and downgrade the version/files of games which uses launchers.It's pretty annoying and I couldn't find any fix that works. Ok so after trying every solution found on forum, etc.I am not sharing my steam account and I have double step authentication so it couldn't be stolen either. I have resigned myself to completely uninstall dota and steam and reinstall everything. So it was definitely a problem with some update that corrupt or didnt update a file correctly.I had to make the file(s) readonly so steam wouldn't overwrite it.

Of course this also means the game cant modify it either. -edit- : your issue would indicate Steam has an outdated version of the game(maybe let them know)?i'm pretty sure i saw a "no autoupdate" option for each game.meaning its in the preferences somewhere, and if you have a lot of games, it might take you a while. sorry couldn't help more I have this issue with a mod at Skyrim. That's definitely not normal, and like someone else said it sounds like your hard drive is either very fragmented or possibly going bad. I would use chkdsk at this point to see if you have any bad sectors on your hard drive.when i try to play a game, ranked, lobby or just pub it says this???