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There are certain things you can do with all sequence types.These operations include indexing, slicing, adding, multiplying, and checking for membership.Recommendations made through 1992 are available in a single compendium entitled has been designed to provide chemical-specific data to supplement general industrial hygiene knowledge.

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To formulate these recommendations, NIOSH evaluates all known and available medical, biological, engineering, chemical, trade, and other information relevant to the hazard.These recommendations are then published and transmitted to OSHA and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for use in promulgating legal standards.presents key information and data in abbreviated tabular form for 677 chemicals or substance groupings (e.g., manganese compounds, tellurium compounds, inorganic tin compounds, etc.) that are found in the work environment.The industrial hygiene information found in the should help users recognize and control occupational chemical hazards.Current Intelligence Bulletins (CIBs) are issued to disseminate new scientific information about occupational hazards.

A CIB may draw attention to a formerly unrecognized hazard, report new data on a known hazard, or present information on hazard control.Although these documents are not intended to supplant the more comprehensive criteria documents, they are prepared to assist OSHA and MSHA in the formulation of regulations.In addition to these publications, NIOSH periodically presents testimony before various Congressional committees and at OSHA and MSHA rulemaking hearings.Alerts, Special Hazard Reviews, Occupational Hazard Assessments, and Technical Guidelines support and complement the other standards development activities of the Institute.Their purpose is to assess the safety and health problems associated with a given agent or hazard (e.g., the potential for injury or for carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic effects) and to recommend appropriate control and surveillance methods.The first index is zero, the second index is one, and so forth.