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This way it's out of your way when you don't need it - I like a clear desktop with not many icons on it - maybe 5 or 6 at most - but easy to access when you do.

I don't seriously believe that perfection exists in this world - everything is in a constant state of flux and appears to be evolving towards some distant state of perfection (some metaphysicians would argue that the incessant change is, itself, the perfection) but this is now close to being a perfect OS for me so 9/10 .

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They don't include auto-playing audio either, they really won't spoil your enjoyment of the site. :) Moss from the IT crowd " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ * Games won’t actually be tested by Moss from Channel 4’s The IT Crowd, we just really love the show, also if Channel 4 want us to take the image down they only have to ask, seriously, we can barely afford coffee here let alone lawyers.

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They have now addressed both issues in this new version so it is obvious that the Robolinux people do read these user reviews and ACT on suggestions made for improvements! If I was more financially affluent than I am I would happily give more.