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Mary Catharine -nov 6 1850 Jane Elizabeth jan 15,1852 Susan Rebecca jan 24 1853 William Benjamine april 22,1854 David Leroy jan 15,1855 Ann Matilda april 17,1856 John Henry april 30, 1859 Richard Harrison Numan may 30,1860 Adline Paizcilla jan 22,1862 James Wesley alex monroe may 15,1866 Lee Rancer Se Lroney Wa march 19,1868 Jare Green aug 1,1871 Gussy Taylor nov 15,1873 Lattie Taylor june 6 1878 Carrie Olivia sept 29,1880 William Perry aug 11,1883 Palolie Love feb 10,1886 Victoria Lauish april 18,1888 Noah Washington aug 3,1890 Robert Carlos nov 23, 1892 Richard Dowing may 17,1895 Eddie Berden july 6 1899 Exic Mae may 17,1904 James Madisen may17,1919 infant born and died june 3,1921 WB Taylor died april 20,1925 WB jr born july 28,1923 died jan 1926 ? Donaldson To Nannie Lee Metts at Birmingham, Ala 1921" DEATHS " George W. The Bible pages were found in a file at the AL ROOM at JDCC Community College, Brewton, AL. In 1820, Richard was appointed with others to supervise the erection of public buildings in the Blount County Seat of Blountsville. BW Taylor sept 29,1864 First Page Everett Beck married Gracy Wasdin 21, May 1829 Henry Orston Mason was born 14, February 1862 Selia Mariah Mason was born 2, January 1865 Mary Elizabeth Lord was born 22, November 1869 Orston Beasley married Elizabeth Hay 20, May 1830 Orston Beasley married Selia Moore 9, January 1840 Viola Beasley was born 26, August 1878 Second Page - Column one Everett Beck was born 24, August 1808 Gracy Wasdin was born 25, May 1777 Adeline Beck was born 26, July 1829 Caleb Beck was born 24, November 1830 Sarah Ann Beasley was born 13, January 1848 Elijah Beasley Jr. The AL ROOM houses the archives for the Escambia County Historical Society. In the 1840's he and Nancy were members of the Siloam Baptist Church in Royal, 6 miles east of Blountsville. There would not have been reason to write out dates and put them in numerical dates on the same entry. and 20 days) was found in the 18 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. Albert Gallatin [email protected], December 29, 1997 This Bible was the first Bible my mother owned as an adult. When her sister, Laura Inez, turned 65, she needed proof of age so Mary tore the pages out of the Bible and sent them to her.

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Stabler married Caroline Emma Postell 17 June 1844 William Francis Postell married Joanna Skinner 24 January 1833 by Rev. Russell Isabelle Lela Postell married John Lyons 4 June 1877 by Rev. Postell) John Cummings Postell 16 July 1815 Caroline Emma Postell died 6 September 1820 Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell 22 July 1826 John Glenn Postell died 8 April 1841 (son of J. and Tabitha Postell) Emma Jane Postell died 28 June 1843 died 28 June 1843 (dau of William F. Mary Postell died 1 July 1843 (wife of William Postell) Rev. Postell died 25 February 1854 (Age 65 years and 3 days) Mrs. According to the 1880 census both of their parents were born in South Carolina. Dyer was captain of Company K, 36th Georgia, Broyles, Infantry. Regiment, Stonewall Jackson's Division, made Sgt.; promoted 1864 to Lt. The info it contains was copied from her mother's Bible, my grandmother, into this Bible. This weekend Sue brought La June a copy of the Bible Pages. , b. Hana Louisiana, her sister, b. Ann Elizabeth, her sister, b. Martha Bird Fitzpatrick, her sister, b. William Daniel, their brother, b. Nancy Adeline, dau. I have a picture of that Bible (page 1) (page 2) and a picture of the marriage certificate between her and Hugh. Lizier Odom First page: Names and ages of Maryan Harrelson's children- Daniel T. Harrelson was borned October the 7th AD 1853 and died March the 30th 1856 Jonathan T.

Tuttle married Mary Elizabeth Postell 4 June 1877 by Rev. Postell) Hannah Coachman Postell Capers died 7 October 1821 (Mother of James C. We do not know when James and Mariann died or where they are buried. The cover has long been gone and only threads hold the Bible together. Now, Mary's daughter, La June has the Bible and Inez's daughter Sue has the Bible pages. Mary Ann remarried Elijah Harrelson and had the children that are listed. and between 18, she married Elijah Harrelson from Walton County, FL." Mrs.

Postell) William Francis Postell was born 16 November 1809 (son of James C. Green) John Cummings Postell was born 7 June 1815 (son of James C. Our precious husband and father has gone to rest in the paradise of God, blessed (? Written by his wife in sorrow and stricken companion on May 15th, S. Escambia Co., AL Typed and submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999.

Postell) William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days. The Bible is in shreds, with many pages missing, but the pages that remain give the following information: Henry R. The Schurter Bible belonged to Alma Olean Dyer Schurter and her husband Henry Schurter. He was the son of Heinrich Schurter and his wife Wilhelmina Weber Schurter who came to the USA in 1884 and settled in Hasbersham County, Georgia. Any commercial use, without the consent of the host/author of these pages is prohibited--Copyright is retained by the author/contributor of the material and publication to any medium, electronic or non-electronic, without consent is in violation of the law.Handwriting used for family data was distinguished, even elegant. As you can see it looks as if they were copied verbatium from a Family Bible. Benjamin Morris Hendon, Baptist Minister and his wife, Aly ) Their children: (all b. Entries were obviously made at thime of births, for old fashioned forms of letters were used, as f for the double s, as in Jesse. The births of five of the seven children of "Benjamin and Mary his wife" were recorded in the Bible. This is grand father born Jan 12th 1807 (this is my G-G-G-Grand Father) Polly born dec 8th 1808 Susan born Jan 18th 1811 Samuel Walker was born Sept 12th 1813 Betsey Waters born March 8th 1816 Nancy Here Born Sept.23 1818 David Harris born Sept 2nd 1820 Sallie Jones born June 20th 1822 See Linda Francis born Feb 1825 James Jackson born July 15th 1829 It is my belief that the names above should have the name Contributed by: Adrienne Thompson John Cook Hendon m. April 20 - 1923" " Nannie Lee Metts Donaldson, B'ham, Ala. I am posting this information though in hopes that it might be of some help to anyone researching this family. Nancy Lucinda Hendon Harris 12/13/1911 Clay Co., MS.