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Despite the unexpected location, the actual festival site is no stranger to music events.The estate was home to the 2007 Outsider Festival which, despite a good reception, did not return for a second year.

Debut single Little Lion Man soon caught the attention of the music media.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe labelled it the “hottest single in the world”.

The London band are set to release their third album in May and are also planning four dates across America as part of the Stopover tour.

ROAD TO SUCCESS FORMED in late 2007 in West London by lead singer Marcus Mumford, the band followed a road which did not have a mainstream following at the time.

A Facebook page titled simply “I hate Mumford and Sons” was set up, which attracted tens of thousands of likes.

The mission statement from the site read: “Let us forget our conflicts and put our differences aside, for there is a new evil at hand that threatens the very fibre of our being.” One critic described the band as “lesser pop musicians dressed like mid-19th century farmhands” making an “album of stomping hoedowns”. SCOTLAND’S summer festival circuit is to receive a new addition courtesy of folk-rock band Mumford and Sons.The two-day Stopover festival, which is to be held in Aviemore, will be the band’s only European event and will attract up to 25,000 people to the Highlands.It also topped Australian radio station Triple J’s top 100 of 2009.The single now has over 50 million views on You Tube.Following on from the release of Sigh No More, the band travelled to America where they toured the country and performed live on network television.